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“I've worked at consulting companies for my entire career, and one thing rang true with every consulting project—a business strategy meant nothing without the people. I decided to create a company focused on people-related business issues. Specifically, I wanted to offer tools that anyone could use to help bring the benefits of people science to their organization.”

– Dave Dubin, Founder

David Dubin

Founded in 2017, People Strategies delivers world-class consulting services to businesses wanting to bring hiring and employee development to the next level.

People Strategies recognizes the culture behind the business and the people behind the evaluations by combining traditional assessment with human behavioral science to fully understand an employee's place and path within a company. We work mainly with small and medium-sized businesses to understand and improve gaps in the hiring process and to develop and empower current and future leaders within the organization.

Our PhD experts provide personal guidance to help you select the right hiring and development tools for each job role. You'll only speak to people who have a solid background in hiring and assessment, so you don't have to worry about getting sold a product that isn't right for your organization's goals.

At People Strategies, we make it easy and affordable to eliminate the guesswork in hiring and start pinpointing the right person for the job.

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