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Digicel Group

How We Defined Key Indicators to Measure Employee Performance
Indigo Auto Group

indiGO Auto Group

How We Improved the Internal Interview Experience
SupHerb Farms

SupHerb Farms

How We Help with Data-driven Leadership Assessments
Designs by Andrea

Designs By Andrea

How We Made the Hiring Process More Efficient & Effective
David Dubin

“I've worked at consulting companies for my entire career, and one thing rang true with every consulting project—a business strategy meant nothing without the people. I decided to create a company focused on people-related business issues. Specifically, I wanted to offer tools that anyone could use to help bring the benefits of people science to their organization.”

– David Dubin, Founder

What Clients Are Saying

Allie S.

“I genuinely think People Strategies has got a really smart tool, and we’re lucky to have access to it. We’re able to take a much more holistic approach to recruiting and vetting candidates, knowing that we’re hiring for the future of the company instead of just the right now. Also, David has a lot of great insight and is very willing to talk through issues and find solutions. He's been a very impactful partner for us.”

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Allie S.

HR Manager | Indigo Auto Group
Andrea C.

We really do base most of our hiring decisions on People Strategies' assessments tests and scores. They’ve been so helpful and have saved us from hiring the wrong candidates for a position, which equates to a lot of time and money, so thank you!

Andrea C.

Founder + Lead Designer | dbandrea
Aaron T.

This is a great tool to have! From a first-time prospective, you really don't fully grasp the value it brings until you start comparing applicants you personally spoke with. The assessment results provide a much deeper insight into that candidate's character that you really can't get just by speaking with them.

Aaron T.

Central-Southwest Territory & Western US National Accounts Sales Manager | Adherex Group
Katherine D

"David helped us plan and execute a new streamlined hiring process, interview guide, and assessment tool for our Admissions Department. We have noticed an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of our hires, and higher retention."

Katherine D.

Talent Acquisition Manager | The College of Health Care Professions
Ennis R.

Dave’s guidance and tools not only changed how we manage people internally but how we promote people, and how we bring people into the organization in our recruitment process. Having this behavior science aspect gives us real tangible outputs. And we’ve learned how our employees feel about Digicel has a positive, direct correlation on how our customers feel about us, and on our revenue.

Ennis R.

People Experience Director | Digicel Group
frederic j.

We’ve used Dave’s services several times. He understands our values and he provides reassurance that we didn’t miss anything during the assessment. His assessment provides a very comprehensive approach.

Frederic J.

President | Supherb Farms
Dan R.

"David and I have worked together for nearly 10 years. I've always appreciated his perspective, ideas, and approach to solving complex organizational problems. He's a strong advisor to leaders who provides objective assessment of strengths and development opportunities in a way that's thoughtful and supportive. David brings a mix of data and intuition to provide clear insights that are actionable and pragmatic. I would highly recommend David to provide support for a wide variety of organizational effectiveness opportunities."

Dan R.

Head of Assessment | RHR International

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