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Looking for More Predictability in the Hiring Process

Designs By Andrea: A Case Study for Making the Hiring Process More Efficient & Effective

Designs By Andrea (dbandrea™) turns wedding-day flowers into a piece of fine art, whether it’s a framed pressed piece or preserving wedding bouquets in resin. In just five short years, the company has become number one for pressed bridal bouquets worldwide. Their proprietary technique of dried flower preservation consists of over 200 steps that focus on reshaping and color-restoring of the blooms. To date, they have served more than 5,000 customers with more than 20,000 pieces created.

Located just outside of Dallas, Texas, Designs By Andrea is female-founded and owned, and 100 percent of its art is handmade and fully assembled in-house, with up to 30 hours of labor dedicated to each piece. The company has a team of 15 dedicated employees and five contract employees whose shared goal is to help their clients get exactly what they want through wedding bouquet flower preservation.

Andrea, the founder and design director of dbandrea™ was looking for a better way to screen and find the best talent fit before making a hiring decision.

Designs By Andrea is a relatively new industry with a niche market and requires training entry-level employees on the proprietary creative process as well as marketing and operational team members on the overall industry outlook. Andrea found herself spending too much time trying to match the perfect candidate to a role, only to discover the person wasn’t the right fit.

Like most hiring processes, Andrea relied on traditional interviews and resumes to gather as much information as she could about job applicants. But she realized she wasn’t getting the best insights. She wasn’t able to find out how to predict their job performance, what motivated candidates, and how they would act or react in certain situations.

Andrea believed that by knowing how to ask the right questions during an interview process to weed out candidates that aren’t a good fit, she could reduce turnover, set realistic expectations, and foster a more productive workplace. People Strategies was able to provide the tool she needed to screen and find the best talent fit faster, easier, and bias-free.

David Dubin, PhD, and founder of People Strategies helped Designs By Andrea implement a science-backed pre-hire assessment tool that uses tests that have been designed to assess the cognitive and personality characteristics associated with the most common jobs. The assessment solution also allows her to measure a candidate’s knowledge level of a job’s most essential skills or industry-specific aptitudes, and she can do a visual comparison of candidates to see exactly how they stack up against each other.

The Result

By implementing People Strategies’ pre-hire assessment tool, Designs By Andrea is now able to make better decisions and more easily find candidates that are a viable fit, helping to reduce turnover rate and associated overhead costs. The tool has helped Andrea feel more confident in who she hires, without second-guessing her decisions. In addition to the candidate results, Andrea uses the pre-hire assessment for its communication recommendations and how to effectively interact with different personality types.


“I literally base my hiring process on these assessments. If a candidate doesn’t score well, depending on the position, I just don't hire them anymore. And I do believe that it has helped reduce our turnover rate. I also had everyone on my team take the assessment when I started using it just as a tool for me to understand how they think and what motivates them.”

Andrea C.


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