Revolutionize Your Recruitment with a Hiring Audit

hiring audit

The recruitment landscape is changing rapidly and dramatically. Yet, 70% of employers say their hiring process is inefficient, and 50% of candidates say they have had a negative experience with a company’s hiring process. The average cost of a bad hire is $15,000. The good news is that with the proper insight, talent acquisition can be your company’s competitive advantage.

A hiring audit can help you:

  • Identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your hiring process.
  • Improve the candidate experience.
  • Reduce the risk of making bad hires.
  • Increase your chances of attracting top talent.

But how do you know where to start? How do you know what works and what doesn’t? How do you measure your progress and impact?

Where to Begin

Revamping your recruitment process begins with clearly understanding where you stand today. Are your hiring tactics genuinely delivering the best candidates? Do your processes align with your strategic goals? Our Ph.D. consultants are trained to shine a bright spotlight on every aspect of your recruitment journey, from the creation of job postings to the final phases of onboarding, and will help you discover the best ways to improve.

As its name implies, a Hiring Audit is a meticulous evaluation of your organization’s recruitment practices. It’s a powerful tool for identifying potential improvements and ensuring you’re not merely hiring candidates – you are efficiently bringing in the best individuals for each role.

Set Standards for Success

The initial stage of the audit involves setting clear and meaningful standards for success. Often, organizations rely on metrics like ‘time-to-hire’ or ‘quality-of-hire.’ While these can provide valuable insights, they don’t always give the whole picture. We delve deeper, seeking to understand the perceptions and feedback of your stakeholders. Are you meeting your teams’ expectations in terms of filling vacancies promptly? Are potential candidates disengaging from your process, and if so, at what stage? What indicators do you use to measure a candidate’s potential for success?

We tackle these probing questions during the 30-minute Hiring Audit session.

The Audit Process

During the audit we will:

  • Review your job postings and candidate requirements.
  • Analyze your screening and interview process.
  • Assess your onboarding process.
  • Provide recommendations for improvement.
the hiring process

The aim is to identify issues and understand their root causes and provide actionable solutions you can implement, in some cases, directly after the call.

With our comprehensive Hiring Audit, you can refine your recruitment strategy, address the gaps, and craft an efficient, effective hiring process that genuinely adds value to your organization. Transform your hiring practice into a powerful engine that drives your organization’s growth and success while ensuring a positive experience for your candidates at every step of their journey.

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