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Standardizing the Hiring Processes

indiGO Auto Group: A Case Study for Improving the Internal Interview Experience

indiGO Auto Group represents the most luxurious car brands in the industry including Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Bentley, Lamborghini, Land Rover, Jaguar, McLaren, BMW, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Rimac, and Ferrari. The company currently represents 26 current and upcoming locations in the United States markets including Houston, Texas, and St. Louis, Missouri plus Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Riverside, Silicon Valley, Mill Valley, and San Rafael, California.

Each destination is led by a team of experts who not only have in-depth brand knowledge but are passionate car enthusiasts themselves and make it their mission to create a truly unique luxury car buying experience for their customers.

Like many organizations, indiGO wanted to make better hiring decisions by improving its internal candidate evaluations and interview process.

Historically, after posting a job opening, indiGO’s HR department practiced a hands-off approach to the hiring process. The GMs, service managers, and parts managers at each of their respective dealerships would review the candidates’ resumes, schedule and conduct the interviews, and then make the hiring decisions. But the current approach wasn’t resulting in good or long-term talent fit.

Using the same interview strategies, they’ve relied on for 20 years, the managers would ask the interview questions as they related to a specific position—a service advisor or a sales consultant, for instance—but they didn’t really know how to dig deeper to see if a candidate was someone they wanted on the team, someone with integrity, someone who was trustworthy, someone that was a team player. All too often, the right candidate in the interview process turned out to be the wrong employee on the job. That’s when HR decided it was time to insert themselves deeper into the hiring process.

HR discovered that most of their managers had never really been given much training or insight into how to interview people. They need the right tools that would allow them to look at some of the core competencies of each role and uncover the characteristics and personality traits that could help them decipher whether a candidate would be a valuable part of their organization. That’s when they contacted People Strategies.

Working with indiGO’s HR team, People Strategies helped them implement an Interview Builder tool that uses science-backed competencies and questions for every role that give not only talent a better interview experience but makes the process faster and easier for the entire internal team. The company’s HR team, alongside department managers, worked together with the tool to build interview guides that can be shared across the organization to create a more structured and consistent hiring process. HR took a proactive role in sitting in on interviews and making sure their managers felt comfortable using the guides.

The Result

By implementing People Strategies’ Interview Builder, indiGO was able to immediately vet out candidates who were not a great company match. And the overwhelming response from the managers at indiGO using the Interview Builder is positive. They feel more confident during interviews and in their abilities to hire the right people the first time around.


“I genuinely think People Strategies has got a really smart tool, and we’re lucky to have access to it. We’re able to take a much more holistic approach to recruiting and vetting candidates, knowing that we’re hiring for the future of the company instead of just the right now. Also, Dave has a lot of great insight and is very willing to talk through issues and find solutions. He's been a very impactful partner for us.”

Allie S.

HR Manager

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