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  • Assess leaders’ effectiveness without bias
  • Understand your talent bench
  • Predict future-ready leaders
  • Fast-track the development of rising talent
Leadership Assessment

Why Leadership Assessments?

Leadership assessments can provide valuable insights and actionable information to help organizations improve their effectiveness, develop future leaders, and build more successful teams. Just because an employee is a top performer, it doesn’t necessarily translate to having strong leadership skills. By learning more about your people, you can ensure your leaders are equipped to handle the nuanced decisions to keep your company successful, while also gaining deeper insight into what your leadership team needs to thrive.

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    Step 1

    Leadership Role Analysis

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    Step 2

    In Depth Interview

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    Step 3

    Scientifically Based Assessments

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    Step 4

    360 Survey

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    Step 5

    Comprehensive Debrief to Leader and Their Manager

Better Decision Making, Improved Communication, & a More Engaged Workforce

Developing your leadership team is about more than just hiring and developing the right talent. It’s about ensuring that the right people are in place, with the tools that they need to succeed. However by truly understanding your team from a psychological standpoint, you are opening the doors to better decision making, improved communication and a more engaged workforce. We do this by learning more about the unique needs and personalities of your team members and set them up for success.

Master the Art of Knowing Your People

When we measure leadership we dig into behaviors, personality, and experience measured across four dimensions – Strategist, Stakeholder, Supervisor, and Self. The value placed on any one competency is dependent on the expectations and responsibilities of the role in question, but all dimensions represent critical areas needed in broad, scalable leadership positions.


The Strategist

They see the big picture, have executive decision making skills, and are focused on the future.


The Stakeholder

Leaders who work across the organization and communicate with impact.


The Supervisor

Great at building and enabling teams while creating a positive culture.


The Self

These people have grit. There’s a drive and strong growth mindset within these individuals.

Group of Employees

Need a Customized Solution?

Our data-driven leadership assessments can help you understand the talent you already have, the talent you need, and their new roles for tomorrow. Contact us to discuss the unique needs of your organization.

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