I have taken way too many leadership assessments throughout my life with probably 5 or 6 different service providers. I must tell you; you are the only one that has actually followed up and shown real interest. You are one in a million!

Rafael Beverido

Chief Financial Officer, MexiChem

Based on a stellar recommendation from a colleague, I sought out Dubin Advisory Group for an assessment project. David is a true subject matter expert on leadership assessments, but what really set him apart was his ability to clearly understand our needs and communicate complicated information to a variety of stakeholders in a professional and impactful manner. David’s balance between technical knowledge, business strategy, and people skills makes him an exceptional adviser.

Alan Friedman

Founder & CEO, J3P Healthcare Solution

Dubin Advisory Group is a stellar vendor. The consultants are adept at communicating, especially when “translating” technical content to a lay audience. They delight customers, and I hope to continue working with them in the future.

Jessica Brown, PhD

Research Scientist, Amazon