HR Consulting Services

Organizational Psychology PhD’s are here to assist you. 

Dubin Advisory Group - 8

Job Analysis | Competency Modeling

What does “excellent” look like in your organization? Use our standardized approach to discover, measure, and grow performance. 

Pre-Hire Assessments

How do you hire? Streamline the hiring process and select your next superstar employee on the first try.

Leadership Assessment

Diagnose gap areas and build strengths for your executives and high potential talent. 

Assessment Validation

Are your assessments actually working? Get hard data on the impact of your assessments. 

Adverse Impact Analysis

Are your hiring practices legally defensible? Find out with our analytics. 

Interview Development

Are you asking the right questions to your candidates? Learn how to uncover who is going to be successful in your organization. 

Interview Training

Ready to teach your hiring managers how to ask the right questions and remain legally defensible? Sign up for one of our interview training seminars! 

Executive Coaching

Let us help your executives build awareness, clarify goals, develop management skills, and lead your organization to success.