Structured Interviews:
Selecting the Right Hire

Learn how to conduct effective structured interviews and choose the best candidate for the job every single time.

Structured Interviews

Your first step on the journey to structured interviewing success.

Do your hiring managers struggle with interviewing the right way? Are they bringing in bad hires?

Replacement costs for a bad hire run between 1 to 5 times the annual salary of the position.


Download to Discover:

  • Why 74% of HR pros prefer structured interviews
  • How to build a structured interview model
  • How to use BARS to score interviews fairly and accurately
  • Exactly what the CAR Method is and how to implement it
Structured Interviews eBook

In our Structured Interviews: Selecting the Right Hire eBook, your talent acquisition team will learn to:

  • Develop a consistent interview process.
  • Ask questions that focus on role-based competencies.
  • Predict future job performance.
  • Pinpoint with more accuracy candidates who fit within your culture.

With a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and knowledge in the field as an industry expert who has provided leadership and interview training to clients in over 30 countries, I’d like to share my knowledge and offer you expert advice on first understanding the structured interview model, then implementing tools, such as the BARS interview scoring system and the CAR Method, to help you achieve the best hiring results. With this download, you'll be better equipped to pinpoint candidates who fit within your company’s culture and have the right skills and qualifications for the position.